Where to Find Fingerlings in Stock

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Fingerlings in Stock

If you haven’t heard yet (and you probably have if you are on this page) but the hottest toy of the 2017 holiday season is Fingerlings.

Stores are already selling out of these adorable monkeys (and unicorns too) and if you want to find Fingerlings in stock and pay regular retail instead of an arm and a leg, you will have to do a bit of work. I am here to help.

Which Stores Carry Fingerlings

One of the first things that you will need to know to prepare for your Fingerling hunt is which stores carry this product.

Stores that Carry Fingerlings:

One thing to note is that not all stores carrie the same ones. Some are exclusive to certain stores, for instance, the Unicorn is only available at Toys R Us stores.

How to Find Fingerlings In Stock

Okay here is the juicy part! Finding Fingerlings in stock IS a challenge, but it CAN be done, and you can save yourself some money by buying for retail. I regularly get all of the hot holiday items and I am going to show you how I do it.

  • BrickSeek – BrickSeek is an online website that shows you inventory of items that are available in stores around you. Each day I get on BrickSeek in the morning and check and see if some of the hot holiday items are in stock. The only downfall to this is that it is NOT always accurate. Its a general idea, but it can be hit or miss. I use this method to check out inventory at both Target and Walmart.
  • CALL THE STORES – A lot of people now think everything can be done online, but some of the leg work in hunting hard to find items can be saved by just calling the stores. This is particularly helpful with Toys R Us for instance that doesn’t have online inventory. Some Toys R Us locations will hold items for you for the day, but some will not. It just depends on the location, and perhaps you get on the phone. I just used this method earlier to score a Unicorn Fingerings (perhaps one of the rarest).

Scoring Fingerings Online

  • I regularly check all of the sites to see if they have them in stock. By the way, if I do notice them in stock, I will post about it on the Julie’s Freebies Facebook page, so make sure you are following us there. In addition, we will be giving some away on the Facebook page as well, so you might be able to score Fingerlings for FREE!

Handy Links for Checking Online Inventory for Fingerlings:


Handy Links for Checking In Store Inventory for Fingerlings:



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