Where to Find SNES Classic In Stock

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SNES Classic In StockSNES Classic In Stock

If you haven’t heard yet, the SNES Classic is one of this years hottest items. The good news is that they are making more of these than last years NES Classic which means you should have a much easier time finding this one.

Below I will give you some of my tips and tricks on finding the Super Nintendo Classic in stock so you can avoid paying double or more to a third party seller.

Stores ARE selling out of these pretty much as soon as they get them, so you will need to be quick still!

What Stores Carry SNES Classic?

If you are looking for the Super Nintendo Classic the first thing you will need to know is which retailers carry these items. This will give you a starting point of where to start looking (and calling).

NOTE: Online these stores will be sold out most of the time. Come back and check periodically to see if any are in stock. Some stores may have an option to sign up for email alerts when an item comes in stock. I recommend doing this.

Best 3rd Party Sites to buy SNES Classic

If you plan on purchasing a Super Nintendo Classic from a 3rd party, I recommend using eBay. While Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist are both places to snag one, eBay has more buyer protection in my opinion since they have a rating system. I personally think that eBay is probably the most trusted place to buy such items ?

Tips for finding SNES Classic In Stock Online

  • Some online stores have an option where you can sign up for email alerts when something comes in stock. Set this up for every available store that carries them online to maximize your chances of finding the SNES Classic In Stock!
  • If you use a site like BrickSeek.com see about setting up online inventory alert changes for the Super Nintendo Classic. I believe you have to have the paid version of their site to do this, but its a great help.
  • Searching around online sometimes you can get information on when items will be coming available. Set up a google alert for SNES classic and Super Nintendo Classic.
  • Be prepared to be fast. If you know its coming in stock somewhere, make sure you have your payment information ready to go so that you can check out and complete your transaction as fast as possible.
  • AS ALWAYS: THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM. Set alarms on your phone to be prepared when these items come in stock.

Tips for Finding SNES Classic In Stock In Stores


Brickseek is one of the greatest ways to check inventory in stores from your computer. Note that the inventory isn’t always reliable, so you may want to call ahead if you see it. With these popular items, most stores won’t do holds, but it pays to be nice sometimes and you might get someone who picks up the phone that will do it for you anyway! Below are some links to check inventory at various stores on BrickSeek


The phone is your friend when it comes to hard to find items. In this day of the internet a lot of people are hesitant to use the phone, but it is seriously the best way to find the hot holiday toys sometimes. Pick up the phone and call all of your local stores that carry the SNES Classic. I call every morning when I am hunting for stuff until I can find it in stock.

Most stores will not know when they will get more, so just calling every day seems to do the trick. The earlier in the day the better, so you can find them.

REMEMBER: THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM! Stay on top of this and you too can have luck finding the hardest to find holiday items! Good luck, and happy hunting!

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