10 Things to Make Kitchen Life Easier

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As I have had the habit of lately, I have been stumbling around the internet finding all sorts of cool things out that I had no idea about before. I then always rush over here to the site and want to tell all of you about them too! Today I was looking up things to make my life in the kitchen easier! I saw tons of different things but dwindled it all down to a list of 10 to share with you all. If you ever find anything you think I should post, feel free to email it!

1. Easily Peel Garlic by Pressing a Clove with Flat Side of Knife

Okay, I will admit, I already knew this one, someone once showed me it while I was struggling to peel a clove of garlic. Simply place a garlic clove on a cutting board (or other flat surface) and press the flat side of a knife down against it. It is like magic, and takes seconds for what would otherwise be a process that is a pain and leaves you with really smelly fingers!


2. Remove Cracked Eggshell Piece Easily

I think I must be a klutz in the kitchen. I would say that at least 50% of the time when I am cracking eggs I end up with shell in my eggs! It is always such a pain to get the shell back out of there too, so I was glad when I found this little trick. If you use your eggshell to get out the pieces, it will attract it and make it much easier than fishing around in egg with your fingers!



3. Easily Remove Avocado Pit

Okay, this one I have heard before and seen done, but obviously I forgot about it because every time I go to slice an avocado I am using a spoon to get the pit out and getting my fingers extremely messy in the process. Simply take a knife and hit it into the pit. Twist and the pit comes right out. Ta Da!


4. Remove Stems from Greens Easily

I will admit I haven’t really fought with greens to get stems out, I always avoid that by simply buying frozen with the hard work already done. I know that by doing that I miss out on some flavors and some nutritional value so I will be trying this one soon. If you have leafy greens that you need to get the hard part out, simply pinch on the stem and then pull rubbing the leaves between your fingers. This will get all the green off easily!


5. How to Tell if Eggs are Good or Bad

Telling if eggs are good or bad is always one of the things that worries me. I usually just error on the side of caution and throw eggs out if even a small chance they will be bad. Here is a way to tell though, and it makes complete sense. Put the eggs in water. If they sink they are still good, if they float the eggs are bad.


6. Cut Several Cherry Tomatoes at Once

Every want to slice small cherry tomatoes or even grapes and dread doing it one by one? Here is a simple way around that, get 2 lids and place the tomatoes between them, hold it down and slice with a knife. This could also work with 1 lid holding them down against a flat surface, but they might move around a little more without a lid on the bottom as well.


7. Free Herbs in Olive Oil to Preserve Them

Ever go to the store and pick up some fresh herbs only to never use them and just watch them go bad? I have done this more times than I care to admit. Here is a solution, use an ice cube tray to put in the fresh herbs, cover with olive oil and freeze!


8. Easily Core Lettuce

Want a simple trick for easily coring lettuce? Pick up the lettuce and slam it down with the core facing downwards. This will knock the core loose and it should come right out!


9. Easily Peel Kiwi

Looking for an easy way to peel some kiwi. Forget the vegetable peeler, cut off both ends of the kiwi and take a spoon between the fruit part and the skin and it will slide right out!


10. Keep Potatoes from Browning

Want to slice up potatoes the night before cooking them but worried about them turning brown? Simply cut them and place the slices into water. Keep it in a cool spot overnight and don’t worry about browned potatoes again!


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