5 Veggies That You Can Regrow In Water

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5 Veggies That You Can Regrow In Water

Produce is getting more and more expensive, but what if I told you that you could take your produce scraps and REGROW your veggies without a garden!

Before you begin growing your windowsill water garden, make sure you follow these tips:

– Be sure to check the water every 3-4 days to ensure that a) there’s enough water, and b) no rogue lettuce pieces fall off and slime up your bowl.
– The size of container should be relative to the food you’re growing. Lettuce and celery should be in shallow bowls while green onion and lemongrass can be in taller, skinny glasses.
– Think outside the box for containers – glass jars, small vases, storage bowls, shot glasses… anything can be used so long as it’s appropriate for the plant!
– You can regrow multiples of the same plant as long as you’re not overcrowding the area. 1-2 green onions will fit in a shot glass and 3-4 lemongrass will fit in a small vase.

1. Scallions (Green Onion)
Save about 1″ of your scallion bottoms to place in a shot glass with some water. Put these babies in a window and don’t forget to change the water every day. By day 5 you’ll have brand new scallions perfect for a stir-fry!

2. Celery
Save your intact celery root and place it on a plate with some water. Let it hang out for about a week or until the middle leaves darken and begin to grow. Plant in soil and reap your rewards in about 5 months. Infinite celery!

3. Romaine Lettuce
Chop the base of your romaine lettuce leaving about 2 inches of “root” to regrow from. Place the base in a dish of water in a sunny location. You may need to add a few rocks to stabilize it, but that’s basically it, pretty easy right? You’ll start noticing cute little baby lettuce leaves in around 2 weeks.

4. Bok Choy
Keep the stem of your bok choy and regrow it in some water just like you would a celery root.

5. Cabbage
Keep your cabbage root and place it in a bowl, root-end down and cover with water. Set your cabbage in the sun and try to remember to mist the top and replace the water everyday. Within a week, you’ll see leaves sprout, so replant it root-down and in a few more weeks, you’ll have a brand-new head of cabbage!