DIY Goodnight Essential Oils Rollerball Blend

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DIY Goodnight Essential Oils Rollerball Blend

Never have trouble dozing off again with this calming and soothing essential oil blend for sleep! This is also safe for babies or kids who have trouble shutting their eyes.

What you’ll need:

Grapeseed oil
Empty refillable roller bottle
Plastic Pipette

Fill your roller bottle with your grapeseed oil (this is called a carrier oil) about a 2/3 of the way full, then start adding in your essential oils. To do this, take the top off the roller bottle then use a pipette to draw the correct amount out.

3 drops of Frankincense (this oils helps alleviate nervous energy)
5 drops of Peace & Calming (like it’s name suggests, this is very calming and promotes rest)
5 drops of Lavender (helps you to relax and unwind)

Put the top back on the bottle and shake it up!