DIY: Transfer A Photo To Wood

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DIY: Transfer A Photo To Wood

I have tons of terrific photos on my phone, in picture boxes stored high in my linen closet and on my computer. Everywhere but on my walls! Then, I found this awesome how-to transfer a photo to wood instructional video from SLR It’s incredibly easy and can be done in 8 simple steps. Create beautiful wall art of your most cherished memories with this project that will wow your friends and family. Enjoy!

Supplies You’ll Need:

– A wooden plank, birch slice or wood plaque

– A photo

– Gloss Gel Medium (Michael’s again)

-Clear Varnish

– Bowl of water and sponge


Edit Your Photo using, select Pixlr Express. Upload your pic. Flip photo (when you transfer it will appear reversed).

Play with effects (contrast, saturation, etc.) until you are happy with the photo. Sepia or “gold” look very nice.

Save to your image to your desktop. Select print. It’s best to use photo quality paper for the best transfer. Make sure to print in color to retain the effects you applied from Pixlr. Print your photo at home and then take your printed photo to Staples or anywhere that has a laser printer to make a color copy. 

Place photo on wood and mark margins. Grab your gloss gel medium and apply in a thin, even layer with a brush.

Place photo face-down on gloss and spread to make sure it is flush with the wood surface. This is how it transfers!

Leave it to dry over night. The next day apply a wet sponge to the back of the paper.

Rub off wet paper to reveal the image underneath! Rub very gently and try to be patient. Rubbing too hard can damage the image.

Apply clear varnish with a brush to seal the image.

Trim your piece of wood as necessary. Voila! You have a beautiful photo on wood! 

Here’s the complete video tutorial: