How To Grow Sprouts In Your Kitchen

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How To Grow Sprouts In Your Kitchen

I love sprouts! They’re super nutritious with high amounts vitamins A, B, C, E, K, they contain more calcium than cow’s milk and all of the essential amino acids. Sprouts make excellent additions to sandwiches, salads, dips, spreads, and stir fries. But did you know that you can grow them right in your kitchen with no soil! Sprouts are probably the easiest thing to grow in your kitchen, and you’ll make them time after time.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Glass jar
Rubber band
Cheese cloth
Clean water (non-chlorinated is best)
Untreated seeds of your choice

Choosing which seeds to sprout:

Sprout Type Flavor Common Uses
alfalfa mild salads, sandwiches
broccoli distinct salads, sandwiches, dips, spreads
clover mild salads, sandwiches
fenugreek bitter salads, stir fries (good mixed with other sprouts)
lentils (blue, red, green) varies salads, soups, dips
mung beans mild salads, stir fries
mustard (oriental) spicy salads, sandwiches, dips
radish spicy salads, sandwiches, dips
quinoa distinct salads, dips, soups, spreads
sunflower distinct (peppery) salads, sandwiches, spreads

How to grow sprouts:

– Soak about 2 tbsp of seeds in water for 24 hours
– Transfer to a glass jar glass jar with cheesecloth secured by a rubber band over the opening
– Rinse well every 12 hours or so
– Store them on the window sill or clean counter top where you’ll remember to rinse and eat them regularly

Within 2 days, you have early spouts! They continue to flourish through about day 6. Transfer to the refrigerator if you need to extend their life a day or two, but they’re best to eat at peak freshness.