Make Your Own DIY Air Conditioner

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Make Your Own DIY Air Conditioner

DANG, it’s hot out there this summer! I love spending my days at the pool or the lake, but sometimes I just need to get out of the sun, which is where this DIY air conditioner comes in. Perfect for apartment living or if central air is not in the cards for your home. This DIY project is super simple and will cost you around $10 bucks to make, but really, the cool air this thing pumps out is invaluable in this summer heat.


What you’ll need:
– a plastic box or cooler
– a 2.5 inch PVC 90′ elbow
– a small fan
– a small piece of PVC tube
– a pipe clamp
– some cable ties
– a knife
– PVC glue
– Ice or frozen water bottles


Step 1: On the lid of the box you need to make a hole that fit the fan in just like the picture. An easy way to do this is create small holes around the fan and use the cable ties to hold down the fan securely.

Step 2: Make another hole on the lid that fits the PVC elbow. Glue your elbow to the lid to secure the vent.

Step 3: Your air conditioner is complete! All you need to do now is fill the box with ice blocks or I like to use frozen water bottles or gallon jugs so I don’t need to replace them as often. Enjoy and stay cool!