Mason Jar Luminaries To Keep The Bugs At Bay

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Mason Jar Luminaries To Keep The Bugs At Bay

Summer is in full swing and the mosquitoes are having a grand old time making meals of us!  My daughter and I are magnets for them and I don’t feel comfortable spraying chemicals on my little girl. But, we also love spending time outside enjoying the beautiful summer evenings. So,  I was overjoyed when I found this DIY Bug Repellent Mason Jar Luminaries project from Sparkles to Sprinkles.  The mason jars really look gorgeous with a floating candle around the patio.

What you’ll need:

10 drops Lemon Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

10 drops of Thieves Essential Oil

1 lemon

1 lime

2 Rosemary Sprigs

Floating Candles


Mason Jar


Slice lemon and lime and set aside.

Place rosemary sprigs inside mason jar and fill mason jar to rim with water.

Add essential oils and stir to mix.

Place floating candle and light it up!

Be sure to change out the water and essential oils weekly to keep up the potency of the bug repellent!

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