Apps to Save You Money

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Apps to Save You Money

Saving money is always a hot topic. After all, who doesn’t want to save money? For some of us, saving money is a necessity. I don’t know how I would get by if I wasn’t doing all that I can to make ends meet. My fantasy is to live a debt-free lifestyle, but let’s face it, that’s a pipe dream for most of us! I’ve collected a few must-have Apps to Save You Money and I’m sure you’ll agree they are worth the little effort to download and use. They are easy as 1-2-3. Well, they seem easy enough and there are 3 of them… Happy saving!


Is there anything worse than seeing a better price for fuel after you’ve just filled your tank? Gas Buddy is a free app available on most devices that helps you save time and money by showing you the best price for gasoline in your area. If you like a little competition, you can compete with other users and report good prices to help everyone save on gas. Everybody wins! There are even Challenges you can complete daily and weekly. There is a chance to Wi $100 in Free Gas every day as well!


I remember the day my Credit Counselor asked me if I had a budget. Sure, I had a vague idea of how much I was spending on most things but when it came down to it, I paid very little attention to the little things that seem to pile up and make my credit card statement send me into a panic. YNAB stands for You Need A Budget, and believe me, we all need a budget! Available for web, Android, and Apple products, your budget will always be within reach. Nothing kept me on track before I started implementing this crucial tool and I have remained motivated to spend as little as necessary to meet my financial goals.


One of the easiest things you can do to save money is to avoid doing groceries when you’re hungry. I have talked myself into poor choices, impulse buys, and reinvented my menu countless times because I was far too hangry to be cruising the aisles with my shopping cart. Grocery IQ, available for Android and iOS allows you to coordinate shopping lists, create lists on the fly, and get coupons to save money! Keep a list of favourites, scan barcodes, and sort by aisle to keep things efficient and organized.

Stay tuned for more great ideas on how you can save even more money from all of us at WomenFreebies. We’re always on the hunt for freebies, free samples, and the best coupons to keep you and yours in the black.