Earn Rewards from Home as a National Consumer Panelist

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ncp-scannerAre you looking to earn rewards, from home? If so, the National Consumer Panel (also known as NCP) is a great place to start. NCP is a legitimate panel website, that rewards you with various different offers – For simply scanning the items you buy.

How exactly does it work?
First off, you need to apply. NCP opens spots for scanners periodically. So when the chance arises, you’ll want to submit your application right away, while there are openings. If, and when you are accepted, you will receive a scanner in the mail (or you will have the option of scanning from your mobile device.) that you will use to scan your grocery purchases. Then once a week, you submit your scans, and earn points, which can be redeemed for various rewards, offered by NCP.

Does NCP really give you rewards?
Yes! Every week, when you send in your scans, you receive points that can be turned in for all sorts of great rewards – From gift cards, to electronics, sweepstakes entries, and more!

Does it take long?
It depends on how much you buy. You have to scan each item, and enter prices into the scanner – So if you purchase a lot, this could be time consuming.

If you have extra time, and are looking for an easy way to earn extra rewards, put in your application to the National Consumer Panel, and see if you get accepted to start earning rewards before the holiday season.

If you have experience with NCP, we would love to know how it’s worked for you.





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