Free Youth To The People 1 oz. Superfood Facial Cleanser and a Free 2 oz Mini Greens 3 Juice (6/16/19 – 6/21/19)

Pressed Juicery is offering free Youth To The People 1 oz. Superfood facial cleansers and 2 oz Mini Greens 3 juices from 6/16/19 – 6/21/19. These products by Pressed Juicery are made with fresh kale which has the ability to boost your health. If you want the Pressed Juicery freebies, you must fill in your personal details in the form on the newsletter subscription page. After filling in the form, you must visit your local Pressed Juicery store and redeem the freebies. Each customer is eligible for 1 x Free Youth to the People 1 oz and 1x 2 oz Mini Greens. Offer is valid in the US only.

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