PONS language courses – codes for courses / vocabulary trainers and audio training

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PONS offers various audio courses and vocabulary trainers – the codes are usually in the respective boxes. When I entered the code, it didn’t seem very complicated and so I started googling 

PONS has the landing pages with the codes in the GoogleIndex – so that you don’t have to search for them, I have listed them here for you.

Price normally around 10 to 20 € per course.

You have to install the PONS app to enter

Android : English audio training
iOS : English audio training

  • English 4 weeks vocabulary box PVB0101
  • Mini language course German: PVT1981
  • All INCLUDED Spanish GAW1975
  • Language course Business English PVB2722
  • Mini language course Japanese PVT1985
  • All inclusive English GAW1973
  • Basic and advanced course Spanish GAW1975
  • Basic and advanced course Italian GAW2727
  • Audio training English AUD1976
  • Mini course Polish PVT1984
  • Business English audio training
  • Basic course Spanish GAW1975
  • Basic course in English GAW1973
  • Audio course professional English AUD1978

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