13 Ways to Earn Cash for Christmas

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earn-money-for-christmasLooking for ways to make extra money for christmas? Check out this list of some ideas to make (and save) some extra cash for the holidays without getting a part time job!

What I do (and recommend) is to always cash out money with Amazon Gift Cards. If you redeem cards on Amazon on their Gift Card Redemption Page, you can actually save up your gift cards there and see what you are earning and then use them all when the holidays roll around. Start saving now so you have gift cards in your account when the Amazon Black Friday deals go live.

Have other ways that you plan on earning extra money for the holidays this year? Leave us a comment below and we may even add your idea to this list!

1) Survey companies that pay quickly – Doing surveys won’t make you rich, but if you are looking for some ways to earn some extra money in time for the holidays, you will want to sign up for the ones below and get to earning!

  • InstaGC – This is a great one. You can earn Amazon Gift Cards (perfect for buying Christmas gifts) and they have just a $1 pay out. Quick Tip: Live Sample Survey I and II you can do daily, each one pays out 105 points, so that is an easy $2 a day you can earn. You can also view my other post: InstaGC Tips and Tricks
  • YourWord – YourWord is one of the top rated survey sites out there. They have just a $5 minimum payout on this one and payments usually are sent out within just a few days of requesting the payout.
  • InboxDollars – This is another extremely popular survey company. They even give you 5 bucks just for signing up for this one!

2) Rewards Programs – These are going to be sites where you can earn money just for doing normal stuff you do online. It could be searching the internet, doing surveys or you could be earning cash back on purchases that you normally make online.

  • Bing Rewards – This is a great one, it is from Microsoft and Bing and they reward you for using their Bing Search Engine. This one pays out in gift cards from companies like Starbucks, Amazon and more!
  • Swagbucks – With Swagbucks you can earn money from doing simple tasks like searching the internet or you can earn even more by taking surveys! This is a very popular one with our readers!
  • Ebates – Ebates is a site that gives you cash back from purchases that you make online. If you do any online shopping you will want to sign up for this site. They have thousands of merchants, and chances are some of your favorite online shopping sites are on here waiting to give YOU cash back!

3) Use freebies as Stocking Stuffers – This one is so easy. If you are on my site, chances are you are already claiming free stuff. Use them as stocking stuffers. Now not all of the freebies are going to be able to be used as that, but the nicer ones definitely can be. I have done this for years, and everyone LOVES getting their stockings to see what I have put in them! Sign up for the 2 sites below, they give out samples like cereal samples that are great for kids stocking. Both of the sites below you have to sign up ahead of time to be able to get their samples.

  • Betty Crocker – Each month they give out 10,000 samples. In addition when you sign up you get access to recipes (perfect for holiday dinners) as well as hundreds of dollars worth of coupons!
  • Pillsbury – Just like Betty Crocker above, Pillsbury gives away 10,000 samples per month in addition to sending out recipes and giving you access to hundreds of dollars worth of coupons.

4) Save up Coins for Coinstar – Do you have a collection of coins somewhere? If so trade them in at CoinStar for Amazon Gift Cards. They don’t charge any fee when you do this, and its a great way to turn those coins into some great holiday gifts. If you don’t have coins saved already, start saving them now. Instead of spending them, try to save them all and see how much you have saved when the holidays roll around. Here you can find the CoinStar Locations.

5) Sell Stuff on Facebook – By now you may have seen the Facebook Garage Sale pages that are all over! Most cities have a Facebook Yard Sale page now. To find these groups search on Facebook for your town and “garage sale” and see what you find. Start listing some stuff that you have sitting around collecting dust and put that money in an account just to use for the holidays.

6) Install Smartphone Apps – There are several consumer panel companies that will pay you for installing an app on your phone. Each one varies in how much they pay and how long you need to keep the app installed, but this is a great way to earn some extra money.

  • SmartPanel – This company will pay you $5 just for signing up. Keep the app installed for 2 weeks and they will give you another $10. They will then pay you $5 for each additional month you keep it installed. If you install it now you could make $35 extra by Christmas for doing next to nothing!

7) Earn Cash Back on Grocery Purchases – Here is a great way that you can make some extra money, chances are you are already buying groceries, why not make those purchases work for you. Below are some apps that you can download on your phone and when you purchase certain items, you can scan your recipe and they will give you cash back. Use this cash back for the holidays!

  • Ibotta App – The Ibotta App is probably one of the most popular cash back apps that is out there right now. Here is a run down of how the app works: “Before shopping, choose your offers by completing tasks in the Ibotta Product Gallery. Choose your earning level for each product offer by completing as many tasks as you like such as reading a fact, answering a trivia question, watching a video, etc. Once you complete at least one task per product offer, the product offer is automatically added to your shopping list on the Ibotta app so you can earn money for purchasing the item.”
  • SavingStar – This app is similar to Ibotta, but it can also be a little easier.. AND they offer freebies regularly that I post. When you sign up for this one, you can connect your grocery store loyalty cards into their system and get savings added right to your loyalty card and they also have it where you can submit your grocery store receipts to get cash back!

8) Sell old Clothes Online – I remember just a few years ago when in order to sell clothes you had to go to a store like Buffalo Exchange to do this. Now you can do this right from the comfort of your own home!

  • ThredUp – With ThredUp you can sign up and then order a FREE Clean Out Kit where they will send you a bag to put the clothes in. Every Clean Out Kit comes with a prepaid shipping label so that you can ship your clothes to them FREE of charge!

9) Become a Freelance Writer – This one takes a bit of work, and could actually even turn into a full time high paying job if you are good at writing. Companies are always looking for freelancers to do some of their writing for them. Check out some of the sites below where you could start earning extra cash!

  • Elance – Elance is one of the largest freelance sites out there and there are literally thousands of jobs posted on this one. From writing to marketing to graphic design if you have any sort of computer talents, chances are this site will have some money making opportunities for you.

10) Sell crafts online – This has become really popular in recent years, with sites like Pinterest popping up and everyone getting more in touch with their crafty side, you can now also turn that into some cash!

  • Etsy – Etsy has exploded in recent years with people selling their creative wares. Check out the site for a bit and see what is selling (and what you could sell) and then open up your own online shop!

11) Test Websites Online – If you are experienced with surfing the web, this may be an option. They pay people to test out websites online!

  • UserTesting – Sign up for this site and they will pay you up to $10 for 20-30 minutes of website testing! Not bad!

12) Sell Stuff on Craigslist – A few years back this was the most popular way to make money online, there are newer sites now that make it easier, but still you shouldn’t discount this site. It was one of the original classifieds type sites, and there is still a lot of money to be made selling on Craigslist. Check out some tips below:

  • Research your stuff – Before listing your items for sale, do some research on the site and see what similar items are selling for. This will help you to price your item to get the most money out of it.
  • Be careful of scams – Scams are very common online unfortunately, but with a little work you can avoid them. Don’t take checks, wires or paypal. Do cash only transactions on Craigslist and do not ship anything.
  • Be safe – While I personally find Craigslist safe, there have been some big media stories lately that can scare folks. Always meet people to sell your items in a public place with safety in mind.

13) Sell Stuff on eBay – I personally think this used to be easier 5+ years ago, but there is still money to be made. Unfortunately there are a lot of companies on here now selling products that aren’t very good quality for low prices which means you may not get as much on eBay as you would other sites. I suggest trying Facebook garage sales first, then Craigslist, then eBay as a last resort.


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