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credit-score-monitoring-credit-sesameHere is a great offer where you can sign up and get your free credit score and monitoring. The best part of Credit Sesame is that there is no credit card needed, ever. There is so much identity theft going on now with all of the hacking and trust me from experience, there isn’t much the police can (or apparently will) do. I recently was the victim of this, and felt pretty much helpless.


Are you looking to improve your credit? This is also a great tool for that. One of the ways you can get started repairing your credit is to start getting stuff removed from your report. When you find negative items on your credit you can dispute them. If you dispute something and the creditor doesn’t reply within 30 days, that item usually falls off of your credit!

This was invaluable when I was working to improve my credit. First what I did was get negative items removed, then I went and looked for a secured card. Once I had that to start building credit, I was able to get unsecured cards. Building a better credit score not only is good for obtaining credit, the better your score, the lower the interest rates you will typically pay which means that improving credit can SAVE you money!


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