School Supplies Giveaway

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school-suppliesDo you need school supplies? I know many folks are having a hard time so I am going to give away 6 sets of school supplies. Its just some stuff I picked up and I hope to be able to help a few families out.

If you are selected you will get 1 backpack with some assorted school supplies.

Obviously not everyone is going to get a set since I just have a few, if you are struggling here are some ways you can earn money to pay for school supplies (and get the money in time for the school year).

This form will close tonight and winners will not be announced publicly (just to protect privacy). If you win I would love it if once you get it you posted a picture on the Julie’s Freebies Facebook page, but you don’t have to.

PLEASE do not fill this form out if you are able to purchase school supplies on your own. I really would like to help a few people out here, so I am just asking that only people who need this sign up. Please. 


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