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free-kiwi-crate-glow-worm-trialYou can get a FREE My Glow Worm Kiwi Crate Trial – This is a craft kit for kids where they can make a Glow Worm toy, kinda like the ones that use to be popular years ago. You do have to pay a shipping fee of $3.95 on this one, and it is a FREE trial, but you can cancel Kiwi Crate at any time.


I ordered my Kiwi Crate trial a few days ago, and already received it. It shipped out quickly and I was excited to get it so fast. The packaging is very cute, the box it comes inkiwi1 looks like a little crate and it has a handle on it. Long after your child (or you, I made this one on my own) makes this craft, they can use the packaging to carry stuff around the house in.

Included in the box was all of the parts and pieces to make the Glow Worm Kiwi Crate, an activity book, instructions on building your My Glow Worm that is complete with a little write up about Glow Worms, and a booklet about Kiwi Crate. It was a great little package that was well thought out and put together.

Its really hard to get a picture to do justice for the quality of the supplies that you get in the Kiwi Crate. They are really high quality stuff. I wasn’t sure what to expect honestly, sometimes you see those party favor craft kit type things that are extremely low quality. The Kiwi Crate was just the opposite. All high quality products, that were really package nicely.

Building the My Glow Worm Kiwi Crate was easy. It came with very easy to follow along instructions, and even on them they say that a kid won’t need a ton of help doing this one. It took me a few minutes to put it together, but I could see how with a child this might take a bit longer. Its also neat because they way you put it together, kids could make a number of different looks with it, so if you order more than one for multiple children, they will be able to create different looks with theirs.

kiwi2Another feature about the My Glow Worm Kiwi Crate that I really liked was the name tags. Your child could name their My Glow Worm whatever they want, or put their own name on it. As you see, I just put JULIE on mine, of course. In addition, it also comes with some glow sticks that you can put in the Glow Worm and make it glow in the dark. These won’t last very long though.

I do want to talk about the quality a little more, once I got the My Glow Worm assembled, I was very happy with how it held together. The sticky part of the felt that makes the dots on the body really stuck well to the sock. I was extremely impressed with this, because sometimes getting stuff to stick to cloth like a sock isn’t very easy. The hold was strong, and you would really have to give one a nice tug before it would come off.

This is a great activity for kids, it is fun, takes a bit of time, and since it is winter, this is a great time to order one as there always seems to be a shortage of indoor activities this time of year. I would recommend this for sure, and keep in mind, that the My Glow Worm Kiwi Crate is just a trial one with them. If you opt to receive more of these, the quality and depth of the regular Kiwi Crates is even better.


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