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honest-co-2 – I just ordered this one a few days ago and was shocked out how fast it ships out. It is a great little sample kit that you get, and I really loved mine.


A bit about Honest Company – The Honest Co was started by Jessica Alba and her husband when after having kids they became frustrated with trying to find products that were non-toxic, safer, and healthier for their children and and were also green and sustainable.

Now The Honest Company has many different product lines including Baby, Bath & Body, Cleaning and Health & Wellness that you can order as individual items or as a subscription. The FREE Trial is a subscription of their stuff.

When you sign up for your FREE Honest Company Trial you will get the option of choosing from a trial of their Diapers & Wipes Bundle, their Essentials Bundle or their Health & Wellness bundle. I went ahead and chose the Essential Bundle, so that is the one I can talk about.

When I placed my order I was shocked at how fast shipping was. It came in a matter of days and seemed to come almost as fast as stuff does from my Amazon Prime orders (to give you an idea of how fast I am talking). When it arrived, I opened it to find my order slip, a little booklet that describes a bit about the company and their products. Honestly, those booklets that come with stuff I usually just throw how, but it was really neat seeing the backstory here.

Also in the package was a box of VERY NEATLY packaged samples. I received a sample of Organic Healing Balm, Honest Hand Soap, Honest Face + Body Lotion, Honest Multi-Surface Cleaner and Honest Shampoo + Body Wash. As any other time that anything new walks through my door it has to be tried immediately!

The first thing I tried out was the Honest Hand Soap. The label describes it as natural, non-toxic and enriching… Awesome. I opened the bottle to check out the smell, and it smells great. Checking the ingredients it shows Lavender, Peppermint and Aloe, which combine well. It smelled like hand soap that you would smell in a spa or an upscale restaurant. When applying this, I didn’t use very much and it seems like a little went a long way, it washed off easily, left my hands feeling and smelling nice. Honestly (get it, hehe) I am impressed. I thought their products would be nice, but you never know. This company definitely impresses though.

I figured the next thing to try would be the Honest Face & Body Lotion. This product had a nice fragrance, but it wasn’t nearly as pronounced as the hand soap, it was hardly noticeable in fact. That said, this Face & Body lotion was great. I used it on my hands and once more, a little bit went a long way. It feels really nice, an once more, I am impressed.

The next thing I decide to try, probably should have been the first (before I washed my hands) but it was the Honest honest-co-before-afterMulti-Surface Cleaner. The multi-surface cleaner advertises itself as a plant-based all purpose cleaner, and I really didn’t have high hopes, and I gave it a workout. I have never used green cleaning products before, but again, I was left impressed. I really wanted to try a spot that needed some strong cleaning products so I did around one of the burners on my stove. This product actually probably isn’t meant for this kind of heavy duty cleaning when I think about it now, but check out the results. I would say I got the same results that I would have got from a regular household cleaner, but without the chemicals and the smell. Again, The Honest Company has left me impressed.


After trying the cleaner, I decided to try out the Organic Healing Balm, but honestly, I don’t have many dry spots to use it on my skin so I had a guinea pig test this one out who uses the products often. There is no fragrance on this one, and it is sorta oil (think of vaseline type). The response was positive, same as what I have said about the other products, this product impresses.

Lastly I went for the Honest Shampoo and Body Wash. This is another fragrant product, it smells like a dreamsicle. I probably would keep the use of this product to babies (thats how gentle ALL of these products are) just because of how soft and easy it is on the body. This product bills itself as natural, hypoallergenic and tear-free.

Below you can check out a picture of the stuff I got (if you are still even reading along, hehe). If you think you might like it, the free trial is definitely worth it. At just $5.95 shipping, I am glad I did.



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